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word of the day

There seem to be far fewer good "q" words than "p" words. I resort to...

quinquagenarian: someone in his fifties.

Also, because it is such a great movie, I will add:

quintessence: the fifth element. :-)   (In origin anyway – after the silly rules about ‘earth, air, fire, water’ as the four elements, they decided there had to be a fifth element available only to the gods, or some such.)
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I like "quinquagenarian" just because it's funny when there are long, goofy words for very specific things.

I think "quintessential" is more fun to say than "quintessence," but the origins of the word are cool either way.
There is a whole series from 40 to 90: quadragenarian, quinquagenarian, sexagenarian (‘sexa-’, not ‘sexy-’ :-) ), septuagenarian, octogenarian, and nonagenarian. I think there is nothing below or above this range (though decagenarian would be the logical one for 100s, and undeca- and duodeca- for 110s and 120s).
sexygenarian!! :D